We aim to free people everywhere to experience life to the fullest through a cleaner, healthier environment by converting renewable resources into innovative cleaning tools and yarn

Sustainability / Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection


We ensure total compliance with all environmental protection regulations at our factories in Ingiriya, Mawgama and Boralugoda, and our Environmental Protection License was renewed from the Central Environmental Authority.

Climate Action

We are very attentive to the fact that water is a finite natural resource and make every effort to prevent wasting it. We conduct awareness training for workers on how to reduce wastage and have fixed water meters in relevant locations.

Further, we take steps to reduce paper waste (like discouraging employees from unnecessary printing, storing documents in digital form), as well as electronic waste (organizing recycling facilities for computer accessories, disposing of unusable items safely.

Our range of environmentally friendly products is gaining popularity, and maintaining high quality standards has ensured that demand for them keeps rising. Our selection of LEEDS certified wooden brushes, for instance , provides the assurance that only properly monitored commercial cultivations have been used in manufacturing this collection. We have also invested in new environmentally friendly products, including wood plastic composite brooms, and bio-degradable brooms.

We embark on a range of conservation activities. These include...

All of our hard work in this area has not gone unnoticed, as we have been the recipients of awards like the Presidential Environment Award for Solid waste recovery/ Recycling / Disposal or processing plants , for two years running.

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